"& alias vidi tractatum de fideiussoribus seu assecurationibus, Petro Santerna, Lusitano, Iureconsulto clarissimo autore", Benvenuto Stracca in "De mercatura decisiones, et tractatus varii, et de rebus ad eam pertinentibus in quibus omnium Authorum", 1556. /// Blogue dedicado ao 'Grande Direito Comercial', i.e., ao Direito dos Mercados e das Empresas // Bitácora dedicada al 'Gran Derecho Comercial/Mercantil', i.e., al Derecho de los Mercados y de las Empresas.

vineri, iunie 30, 2006

Turín (Italia): Curso Post-Grado sobre Derecho Económico y de la Competencia en la UE

Del 27 de septiembre al 7 de diciembre de 2006 se desarrollará en Turín (Italia) el siguiente curso (en Inglés):
"Law & Business in Europe" - Post graduate Course in Economic Law and Competition in the European Union

Sus objetivos son:
«The Course "Law & Business in Europe" targets European and international graduates in law, business and economics wishing to acquire specific competencies in EU Economic Law and Competition as well in other fields relevant to the EU.
Participants will also be trained in life skills such as problem-solving, analytical and critical reasoning as well as team working with a view to enabling them to operate successfully in their chosen occupational environment.
Such intensive programme (roughly 6 hours a day of training activities) will expose participants to a multiethnic arena environment as well as the highest possible quality of training.»

Para más información:
Istituto Universitario di Studi Europei
Via Maria Vittoria 26
I - 10123 Torino
Tel. +39-011-8394660
Fax +39-011-8394664

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